Learn how to set up and operate a Non-invasive Ventilator with NiVR. This video demonstrates our Virtual Reality approach to healthcare simulation and training.


NiVR is a breakthrough training solution for the operation of a Non-Invasive Ventilator. This virtual training takes the user through orientation, briefing, machine setup, ventilation and aftercare.


High Fidelity Environment

Our virtual training environment is accurately representative of a realistic resuscitation room. We present the most true to life training scenario from the audio environment, equipment interaction, lighting to accesories. Interactions are closely modelled on the real life-saving equipment for the most accurate and available learning.


The Most Available Training

Our technology platform is available on most Virtual Reality platforms, allowing students, doctors and specialists to take the training home with them.


Virtual Training, Real Outcomes

Every action performed in a Valley General Hospital simulation creates directly measurable, performance-based metrics across procedures and equipment. These metrics can be connected to a variety of Learning Management Systems (LMS) for analysis and reporting.