A new approach to training in an aero-medical retrieval scenario.

When it comes to learning a life-saving skill or refreshing existing knowledge in an airframe, no product exists like VGH AeroVentilation. Our VR approach to training exploits the capabilities of immersive technology to put the participant in the most convincing aircraft environment without a single drop of AvGas.

Life support knowledge decays in 6 months to a year, skills decay faster.
— Yang et al, Resuscitation; Sept 2012 A systematic Review of ALS knowledge and Skill retention
  • The 2015 International Liaison Council on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Education Implementation Team has determined long term retention of skill and knowledge as a more robust outcome for providers.

  • 1 - 2 year training cycles are deemed inadequate to maintain Competence in Resuscitation skills

  • BLS Plus offers the complete package of a Performance Based, Quality improvement and measurement, data driven and Focused immediate feedback in a Crisis Resource Management framework.

  • Our Virtual Reality approach offers a new perspective without the expenditure of space, in-service equipment and actual facilitators.

  • BLS Plus is designed to breach the latent gap in life support training to offer all providers safe, accessible, cost and time effective learning that's repeatable and measurable.


AeroVentilation is currently in development at valley General Hospital with availability Q3 2019.