The team alongside Australasian Simulation Congress 2017 Serious Games Convenor, Dale Linegar

The team alongside Australasian Simulation Congress 2017 Serious Games Convenor, Dale Linegar





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Dr Hansel Addae MBChB, FACEM

Dr Hansel Addae is an Emergency Medicine Specialist and Co Director of Special Skills training in Simulation Education, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Brisbane Australia. He is also an instructor for the Emergency Medicine Education and Training program in Australia. He has completed the Graduate Certificate in Simulation in Healthcare and comprehensive Instructor training in healthcare Simulation.

His clinical interests include point of care 2D critical care ultrasound imaging, advanced haemodynamic monitoring in critical illness and virtual environments in medical crisis management training.


Dr Andrea Henden BSc, MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA

Dr Andrea Henden is a clinical and laboratory trained Haematologist currently practicing in Brisbane, Australia. She is a fellow of the RACP and RCPA and current PhD candidate at the University of Queensland School of Medicine.

Her career goal is to drive provision of high quality medical care and improve outcomes for patients. Her experience through medical and academic training provides a unique perspective for Valley General Hospital regarding the role and importance of training in creating better prepared doctors and allied health professionals to ultimately deliver better care to patients.

Charles Henden BIT, MSc (CompSci)

Charles Henden is an accomplished engineer and computer scientist with a passion for bringing interactive worlds to life. Through his career he has enabled technical solutions from the airline industry, licensed movie titles on the Nintendo Wii to real-time sports simulations on the Playstation 4.

Nothing has excited Charles more than his current work with the emerging potential of VR, AR and Mixed Reality platforms. Charles has recently founded studio VISITOR and has received a Sundance fellowship for work in the VR storytelling space.


Craig Bowler BMMDA

Craig Bowler is an interactive art director and technician possessed by the capabilities of the VR revolution. His skill set has been forged from leading art teams across numerous Mobile, PlayStation, Xbox and PC titles.

Craig's efforts focus on high fidelity visualizations of the equipment, environments and scenarios that enable health professionals to approach this new simulation space with unmatched familiarity.


Dr Hansel Addae, Medical Director

Dr Andrea Henden, Clinical Director

Charles Henden, Technical Director

Craig Bowler, Art Director